Steps to Choosing the Right Social Bookmarking Tools

I felt the need to write this article about social bookmarking tools because I know how important social bookmarking all your sites is. Recently I was part of a webinar being conducted by a great Internet marketer and SEO expert about social bookmarking. He made the comment that you really should bookmark not only your website but all of your blog posts and pages. Of course almost all of my blog posts are article material as well and I use a service to automate the article submission for me with a submission time of 30 days so I don’t get too many backlinks at once.

When I do start to get the confirmation emails that my article has been accepted I should also social bookmark all those article URLs. So you can literally get hundreds of article sites posting your content and the best practice is to bookmark every article URL. That is a lot of work if you have ever tried to do all the social bookmarking manually.

Of course there are some free social bookmarking services on the Internet that allow you to post your URL to social bookmarking sites. The best service out there will post to about 79 sites for you, almost automatically and for FREE. OF course you do need to set up all the social bookmarking accounts, which can take hours and hours and think if you actually want to set up more than one account, what a drag just thinking about it.

If you are good with your SEO then you are also creating pages on Wikis and other content sites. Those of course need to be bookmarked as well. Pretty soon it becomes quite evident that if you can automate any part of this process it will save you hours of time that you could be writing content or something you enjoy more than the repetitious work of account creation and URL submissions. Honestly, it is not the most enjoyable task for me.

The good news is that there are programs that will automate your social bookmarking for you. I have recently been looking for the right social bookmarking tool to purchase. Currently I use the free online versions but with all of those links to bookmark I will install a program, set it up and let my PC sit and work while I create on the Mac.

Choosing the right social bookmarking software is real important and so I will list the features that you need to look for in a bookmarking program.

Cost – I have heard some people squawk about the cost of the better social bookmarking programs on the market but they obviously are not social bookmarking the way they should be because if they were they would realize that they would save thousands of dollars in time by automating this process.

Generate Automatic User Accounts – If you have ever spent time creating all the social bookmarking site accounts you would know how much time is involved. There are programs that will automatically create the accounts for you. You may need to check email to confirm the account creations but you don’t have to navigate from site to site.

Random Usernames on Accounts – In conjunction with the feature above that saves time there are programs that will also generate random usernames so it appears more real.

Social Bookmark Scheduler – You want the social bookmarking timing to look natural and human. My research concluded that there is only one program that allows you to schedule your social bookmarking. That way it appears natural.

Numerous accounts at each Social Bookmarking Website – The program you want will allow you to manage a number of accounts at each bookmarking site. That way you can have more than one link per social bookmarking site to the same article page.

Add social bookmarking sites – Most programs will load only the main social bookmarking sites. There are hundreds of sites online and so a good program will allow you to add more sites so you can have bookmarks in as many places possible, follow or nofollow so you can get more and more traffic.

Social Bookmark Automatically – Of course you are buying this software so that more of your tasks are automated so besides automatic account creation you want to have the program post your webpage bookmarks automatically as well.

Spin the Title, Description and Tags – You want to make sure the program will not only post these three elements to your social bookmark but it will also spin the information so it is more natural.

Automatic Email Verification – When you submit your social bookmarks some of the sites will send you a confirmation email and there are some programs that will check the email account and activate the link automatically. You can only imagine the amount of time that you will save with this level of automation.

Domain Crawler – If you have been blogging for a long time you may be thinking that to bookmark all those pages and posts is an unreal amount of work? There are programs that will send a bot to crawl your website and list the pages. You can then load these into the program and set up the Title, Description and Tags, schedule the bookmarking and go eat a pizza.

RSS Crawler – Some programs will even crawl RSS Feeds so you can load those into the program and bookmark the RSS feeds as well.

Automatic Pinging – Some programs offer a pinging service. Load your URLs and use it to ping them. You do want to be careful since WordPress pings your posts and if you over ping web pages they can be flagged as spamming.

Project Creation and Management – Did you ever use a program that would not allow you to backup all your work? Make sure your software saves projects so you can go back to it and even export it so you can keep it safe.

Randomization Settings – To ensure that all your social bookmarking accounts are not identical (example: having the same number of outgoing links and tags), you can randomize it by specifying how many percent of your sites and tags are used for bookmarking.

Human Simulation and Anti-Bot – There is only one program that I found in my research that offers this human simulation with submission throttling and even slows down to imitate human submission. You have heard it over and over that it is best to make things look natural. The game is not to “get it done” but to “do it right”.

MultiThreading – This is common with all programs and means that they able to perform a number of tasks at the same time.

Proxy Servers – If you want to use proxy servers make sure the software you buy is programmed for this.

Captcha – There is software that will integrate third-party services that will decaptcher captcha pages and does it automatically.

To conclude, you should see that choosing the right social bookmarking tools with regards to price alone would be a great mistake. I have reviewed a number of the social bookmarking tools in my usual Excel spreadsheet way and I made my decision and am so happy I did and have already saved hours and hours of time. I was so excited I wanted to share this good news with other people that are in the process of making a decision.

Wish you the best in your Social Bookmarking. Remember, “Don’t save a dime and lose a dollar.”

A short time after the Internet or World Wide Web at the time, Bill Wynne began to use the Internet with web design for the promotion of businesses and ministries. With a passion for working from home to be with his family and a desire to help people he has started his own blog where he will share from his experiences as well as the most modern techniques and strategies for effective and successful Internet Marketing. Social Bookmarking Tools View Bill’s Hubpages
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Social Media Marketing Platform - Social Media Marketing Made Easy! - We provide fully-managed Social Media Management Services plus free articles knowledgebase & blog - Social Media Marketing for Business,Social Media Marketing Services Heathmont Victoria Australia
Social Media Marketing Platform - Social Media Marketing Made Easy! - We provide fully-managed Social Media Management Services plus free articles knowledgebase & blog - Social Media Marketing for Business,Social Media Marketing Services Heathmont Victoria Australia
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